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One of the things to realise when using Car Insurance Comparison sites is that they don't provide insurance quotes from ALL the UK car insurance companies. They only cover around 70% of the companies. Click here for a full listing of UK Car Insurance Companies.

But comparison sites are still great for speeding up the whole process and you should spend some time getting comparisons from 2 of the best sites to give you the biggest spread of car insurance quotes.

The 2 best sites are: &

Click on the 'Get a Quote' links below to get quotes from both those sites.

Company Information Quote

Go Compare provides quotes from over 120 car insurance companies.

Compare The Market compared 100's of prices from the leading insurance companies.

uSwitch compare 100's of insurance plans from the UK's top insurance companies.

QuoteZone is a unique service that pulls in quotes from a number of the leading car insurance houses.

Tesco Compare get you access to big brand names not available with other insurance comparison sites.

Beat That Quote compare 100+ Insurance Companies and Brokers for the lowest quotes. They also offer cash back.

Money Supermarket compare car insurance quotes and policies from more than 100 UK insurers.


Compare Car Insurance Quotes Tips

TIP 1 - Check 2 sites not shown on comparison search engines

Although you will find lots of great quotes from the main insurance comparison sites you still need to do some additional work on getting the best range of car insurance quotes.

There are 2 Car Insurance companies, DirectLine and Aviva, not on comparison sites, and who go to great lengths on TV to make sure people know about this.

Company Information Quote
Direct Line offer a range of discounts and product innovations, all aimed at bringing down the cost of car insurance.

Aviva are currently offering 20% off car insurance. Available to new customers who have at least four years no claims discount on their existing car insurance policy.


TIP 2 - Get even lower car insurance with Cashback

Even though you can still get great car insurance rates from all the sites mentioned above there are 2 companies who are 'breaking the mould' when it comes to car insurance companies comparison.

Both and are now offering 'Cashback' if you use their Comparison search engines and then get the policy directly through them. This is certainly worth a look and will only take you an extra few minutes to find out if you can get even more of your car insurance.

Company Information Quote are offering £25 cashback if you go through one of their special website links. are also offering £25 cashback but this is increased to £40 if you use their sister site at SimplySwitch. are offering £40 cash back on your car insurance, 90 days after taking out the policy.