Understanding Car Insurance Bands

Figuring out which car insurance bands your vehicle falls under can be puzzling if


you don’t know how the system works. Fortunately it is really fairly simple with some know how. The Insurance Group Rating Panel is a numeric based system where cars in the first band are perceived as being the lowest risk vehicles while those in the twentieth band are seen as the highest. Therefore vehicles in the twentieth band are going to cost you the most car insurance.

There are several factors which you can assume will significantly affect which of the car insurance bands your vehicle will fall under. For example the type and size of engine you have in your vehicle is almost always determinative: the bigger your engine the higher band you are likely to be in and the higher your insurance will be.

Another factor which is almost certainly going to affect which of the car insurance bands that your vehicle will fall under is the top maximum speed and power of the vehicle. A sports car will put you into a very low band because of the danger of their high rate of accidents.

The band your vehicle will fall under is also determined by the cost of repairing it. Factors include the value of your car when it was brand new, the cost of parts and difficulty of locating them as well as how much the cost of labour is likely to be.


The safety and security features that your vehicle has are also important elements in determining which of the car insurance bands you will buy your insurance at. In this case more modern cars can actually help get your car into a lower band if they come equipped with features which are likely to prevent them being stolen or reduce the damages from an accident. Car insurance companies look favourably on these security measures.

You may also be surprised to know that the same car can fall under different bands depending on their model so before you purchase a new vehicle you might want to have a look at which variety is most cost effective.

These are just a few of the primary factors which will determine which band your vehicle is likely to fall under. Fortunately there is plenty of websites which provide detailed information about all of the elements you might want to consider when purchasing a vehicle in order to be placed in a higher band.

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