Cheap Car Insurance Groups

Cheap car insurance groups are set by the Group Rating Panel, which includes

members of the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and Lloyds Market Association (LMA). Car insurance groups are recognised by all motor insurance companies and theyplay a major role, along with a large number of variables, when a quote for cheap car insurance is prepared.

To get yourself into cheap car insurance groups what you consider to be insignificant changes may have an impact on your car insurance companies premium. For example keeping the car in a garage overnight may result in cheap car insurance. The removal of speeding points or driving less than 12,000 miles a year almost always results in the insurer offering you a cheaper premium. Conversely the addition of points on your license or driving more miles per year may well result in a higher premium being demanded.

The best cheap car insurance groups quote will be for an experienced driver with no claims history, driving a low insurance group car in an area of little or no car crime. However very few of us fit into this tight niche and still require the best quote for car insurance we can possibly get. And likewise car insurance will be higher as they have not built up any 'no claims' experience yet.

Although shopping around can go a long way towards achieving lower premiums, there are other practical measures you can take to improve your chances of being offered cheap car insurance groups by the firms that are quoting you.

Motorists who are newly qualified, and especially if also young, are at more risk of having an accident in the first two years of driving, than at any other time - of course insurers are well aware of this, and this is why you will find that first time driver cheap car insurance groups are much harder to find.