Insurance Group 1 - Questions To Ask

With so many insurance group 1 companies online to choose from it's easy to choose the one which looks great for face value and miss out on policies which


would actually be more valuable to you by not asking the right questions before making a purchase. Here are some questions that you should always ask your insurance grpup 1 companiey before making a decision:

What is your policy on your automobile repairs?

Because every insurance company has its own rules about what happens in the case of a road accident. Some insurance companies will require you to use one of their approved garages while others will permit you to choose your own auto repair shop as long as you provide them with a quote in advance to be approved. You should always try to choose a company which either allows you to choose the repairs garage yourself or has some reputable and well known names on its list of approved repair shops.

What is your policy on no claims discounts and one off accidents?

Most insurance group 1 companies will offer you a discount for years with no claims however sometimes these will “bottom out” at a certain point so be sure to find out when that is. Also find out what happens if you get into a minor accident. Most reasonable insurance companies will allow you to keep your current premiums if you have a “one off” fender bender but others will make you start again from scratch.

Do you charge administrative fees for amending or cancelling the policy?

A lot of seemingly good car insurance group 1 policies can surprise you with “fine print” if you try to change or cancel your contract with them. You can find the lowest premiums on the web but some companies will make this up by charging you significant administrative charges for charges for things as simple as changing your house address which will mitigate these savings. Therefore you should always read through your policy paperwork to make sure you don’t get stung.

What other discounts do you offer?

There are some discounts which car insurance companies don’t always advertise explicitly such as completing the Pass Plus advanced driving course for newly qualified or young drivers, fitting in safety or security devices or agreeing to keep your mileage below a certain level. Make sure you know all of the discounts which may be applicable to you before making a purchase.