3 Month Car Insurance?

You will have to look around to find where to get 3 month car insurance. There


are many car insurance places that will not offer insurance for anything under a year. Yet there are more and more insurance companies that realize that many people can’t afford a full year of insurance. They have also found by offering 3 month car insurance, more people are insuring their vehicles, which means more money to them in the long run.

Editors Note: Check our Short Term Car Insurance Companies page for details on those companies offering 3 month car insurance.

Sadly what insurance places were finding was a few different things. People were not getting insurance as they couldn’t afford a full year. They also found some people were driving with no insurance, as they needed a vehicle and yet couldn’t afford the insurance.

This is also nice to see as there are many people, for many different reasons, don’t need insurance all year round. Yet in order to drive it when they needed they had no choice but to pay for a full year. Many insurance companies, even though they are allowing the 3 month insurance, are making people explain the reason they need it. The insurance companies are trying to avoid having the people that just want to pay 3 months at a time as it’s easier than a year at a time. Yet when this system was set up that is not what it was attended for.


Yet in most cases it seems supply and demand tends to dictate what will happen. It will more than likely happen that part time insurance, all different durations, will start to be the norm. This is more affordable in these times for people. Keeping up with everyday life and the expenses that go along with it are hard, and expensive. Most people need their vehicle in order to work to support themselves or their family. Having a system in place where it makes it easier for people to make ends meet just makes sense.

It’s also safe to say if the system is used properly and not abused then it’s one that will work and maybe even expand. Yet it’s important that everyone treat it with respect and use it as it was meant to be used. The best thing to do is before looking at insuring your vehicle is to phone a few different insurance places and find out where to get 3 month car insurance. You may want to phone a few different places in case their costs differ. You can also call to get a rough quote on what it will cost you. You just have to give them information like what you drive, age, etc. They can give you a rough quote and that will give you a good indication of what your cost will be. Maybe by having this opportunity you may be able to afford full insurance next time. Do make sure while you are insured to drive safely and obey all the rules. Chances are if you break the law you won’t have that opportunity again to get 3 month insurance.