Specialist Car Insurance Brokers

There are so many specialist car insurance brokers who provide insurance for all the types of drivers. The following is a list of the types of specialist car insurance you can obtain a policy for:

Young Drivers
Women Drivers
Convicted Drivers
Pay As You Go Car Insurance
Older Drivers
Imported Cars
4x4 Vehicles
Performance (Sports) Cars
Temporary (Short term)
Disabled Driver
Multi Car
Kit Car
Classic Car
American Cars

Although you will find a lot of companies who have worked for a number of years providing specialist car insurance for a number of categories, it doesn't necessarily mean they will be cheaper. So make sure and check around both specialist and mainstream car insurance companies to get the best quotes.

As an example you can find Cheap classic car insurance at sites like Cherished Vehicle Insurance.

Bear in mind that some companies will have specific inclusions which can affect the premium. For example the policy may also include 24 hour breakdown cover. Which in turn may include full road side recovery. So make sure when comparing specialist car insurance companies policies that you are comparing 'like for like'.