Womens Car Insurance

It's long been known that women statistically make fewer expensive claims than


men and over recent years a number of specialist insurance companies have provided womens car insurance only e.g. Sheilas' Wheels

However, a new European Law has dictated that UK insurance companies can no longer provide specialised car insurance quotes based on gender. So womens car insurance will soon be on a level with their male counterparts.

It's still possible for insurance companies to provide very competitive quotes so until such time as the Europen ruling comes into effect it's still worthwhile getting quotes from the specialised womens car insurance companies.

The following is a comprehensive list of car insurance companies who specialise in covering women drivers:

Company Information Quote
Diamond Car Insurance has been specialising in womens car insurance since 1997. Policies include Guaranteed Courtesy Car when you use a Diamond approved repairer.

Diva provides car insurance for women that is designed to be fuss-free, affordable and suitable for women of all ages.

Car insurance from eCar eLadyDriver are a specialist division of eCar that focuses on providing car insurance for women drivers.

Girl Motor are specialists in car insurance for women for many years, and can secure incredible discounts for female drivers.

Ladybird Insurance has been specially developed for women drivers. Their specially trained staff have years of experience helping women drivers save money on their car insurance.

Lady Insure has one simple goal and that's to find women drivers cheaper car insurance. Lady Insure isn't just about saving you money; they can also save you time and trouble.

Sheilas' Wheels comprehensive car insurance, designed for women. http://www.sheilaswheels.com


Womens Car Insurance Tips

As with any insurance policy it's important that in order to keep your premiums to the lowest cost you should be mindful of the following, as they can drastically affect your premiums.

Mileage - It goes without saying that the more miles you do in your car then the more chances you'll have an accident. However, when applying for insurance you also don't want to over estimate the mileage you do. So try and be as accurate as possible when submitting this key piece of information.

Vehicle parking - Obviously if you have off street parking it will help and even better if you have a garage where your car is parked each night. Likewise you must informa the insurance company if you park on a street as this oversight can cost you in the long run if you someone bumps into your parked car and the insurance company wasn't aware of the fact.

Car alarm - The better the alarm the more favourably some car insurance companies look upon your application. So if you have a Tracker fitted to your car some companies will reweard you by offerig cheaper premiums.

Buy online - This can also provide another saving on your insurance. If you purchase online rather than through an operator this can knock at least £20 off your premiums.

Excess cover - If it's not totally necessary then try and play around with the amount of excess you are willing to pay. This one is a bit more difficult to get right, but the basics are if you pay a higher excess then your premiums will dop subsequently.

By using these womens car insurance tips you should expect to save money on your next car insurance plan.