The Rising Cost of Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Are you looking for relevant information on the rising cost of insurance for youger


drivers? Well hopefully the following details will give you the required assistance.

Getting car insurance in the UK can be quite expensive and especially if you fall in to the 17 to 25 age group. It is quite unfortunate in that, the vast majority of insurance companies deem certain young people as a liability and therefore it's reflected in the premium they have to pay.

How do insurance companies base their premiums?

There are several factors which determine the insurance premium you pay and normally includes the following -

  • Age of driver
  • Driving experience
  • Type of car
  • Engine size
  • Driving history
  • Penalty points on licence
  • Where you stay
  • Will the car be garaged or on a driveway
  • Previous no claims

Most young drivers in the UK won't have much experience or no claims discounts, so they are penalised from the word go. They usually want cars which are fast and have a decent sized engine for power, so again this won't help them in finding a favourable quote form any of the main car insurance companies.

Drivers in the 26 to 35 age bracket have also seen the premiums rising at an alarming rate, despite usually having previous driving experience and possibly a few years of no claims discount behind them.


The key to getting the best car insurance quote is to either phone a whole host of companies who do car insurance and in particular the ones which cater for younger drivers or search online at one of the many price comparison websites, which can possibly save you a couple of hundred pounds.

Don't try and cut corners with your details and give a true account of your personal information and always due the required research prior to amking your final decision on car insurance.

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