Car Insurance Comparison Sites


Car insurance can be expensive but fortunately comparative shopping has never been easier with the internet at your fingertips! Here are some tips which will help you make the most of online shopping to find the best car insurance premiums using car insurance comparison sites.

Car insurance comparison sites can be used to look through thousands of quotes quickly. You will need to know the make, model and year of your vehicle before you start. You will also need to decide who the principal driver will be as well as the details of anyone else who plans you use the car on a regular basis.

UK Car Insurance Comparison Sites

Company Information Quote
60% of customers could save up to £218 on their car insurance*

*Based on Consumer Intelligence (August 2012). 60% of customers could achieve this saving.

Go Compare provides quotes from over 120 car insurance companies.

Compare The Market compared 100's of prices from the leading insurance companies.

uSwitch compare 100's of insurance plans from the UK's top insurance companies.

Tesco Compare get you access to big brand names not available with other insurance comparison sites.

Beat That Quote compare 100+ Insurance Companies and Brokers for the lowest quotes. They also offer cash back.

Money Supermarket compare car insurance quotes and policies from more than 100 UK insurers.


In order to perform an effective car insurance comparison you want to get as many quotes as possible from a wide range of insurance companies. You don’t want to just look at the price however you also want to have a look at the deductibles as well as any discounts you may be eligible for.

Deductibles are the amount that you will have to cover before the car insurance company will pay. Some people spend a lot more money than they need to trying to keep their deductibles extremely low. It might be a better idea however to have higher deductibles in order to pay less car insurance if you are a careful driver and can afford to pay this amount if there you do get into an accident. You may also want to take that extra money and put it into a plan which covers you for a greater amount.

Most online car insurance companies will offer discounts to certain classes of customers who they would like to attract. For example, they may have a promotion for students or for customers who insure more than one vehicle. These deals are not always as easy to locate as a simple price quote although many of the best car insurance comparison sites will allow you to find discounts which apply to you.

Finally, you want to make sure that you think about which member of the family you are going to register for each vehicle. For example, women will often pay less than men for off road vehicles. Young or new drivers will pay much lower premiums if they are registered with the family sedan then for a brand new sports car. Therefore it pays to have the details of everyone in the family in order to find the best deals online.

The power of the internet has made finding the best car insurance deals easier than ever before but you need to do your research and provide as many details as possible. Have a look online and find the best deal for you!