How Car Insurance Fraud Affects Your Premiums

Do you require fresh details on how car insurance fraud affects your premiums?


Well hopefully the following information can point you in the right direction.

Everything we do in life has a knock on effect and nothing could be truer when it comes to car insurance fraud. The more people that claim on their car insurance the more likely your insurance will rise and in reverse, if less people claim then, your insurance should fall.

So why do car insurance premiums continue to rise?

The single biggest factor for the continued rise in car insurance premiums in the UK is through the rising claims against personal injury. Whilst the majority of these type of claims are legitimate for things like psychical injury and whiplash, there is a growing rise in people claiming for the trauma of the crash and the psychological and after effects it has on them. These type of claims are very difficult to substantiate and there are a growing number of lawyers who advertise their services in various places including the national newspapaers and television who provide legal services regarding this particular subject and usually operate on a no win on fee basis.

Whether you agree or disagree with these type of claims, they are on the increase and are responsible for an increase of up to 30% on the average UK car drivers premium in recent years, which is very frustrating for the majority of honest and law abiding citizens in the UK.



The UK roads are the best they've ever been and cars are more reliable and safer then ever before and yet we still see our yearly premiums rise to record levels due to these type of claims, which can sometimes be looked upon as fraudulent and certainly has a huge effect on how much you pay for your car insurance premiums.

The next time you go to renew your car insurance then, please factor in this disturbing rise in injury claims and why you have to go that extra bit to find the best possible insurance price to suit your circumstances.