How to Cut Car Insurance Costs

With the continuing international economic crisis and now the unrest in North Africa


and the Middle east bleeding money from the wallets and purses of motorists across the United Kingdom some people are turning to innovative methods of minimizing the cost of their car insurance since they cannot stop the rising price of petrol.

Of course there have always been little tricks employed in order to cut down one’s car insurance premiums such as registering the car with a driver who has a better driving record to actually altering the vehicle itself so that is more compliant with the official national standards.

A new method for cutting the cost of insurance, particularly young drivers that you may not have considered is installing a “spy box” into your vehicle. A spy box is a relatively new piece of technology which uses GPS and monitors how motorists drive.

Having one in your car may intrude on your privacy but if you are a safe and sensible driver then it may lower your premiums significantly, particularly for young drivers under the age of 25 who have seen their car insurance premiums skyrocket by 50% in the past half year.

Spy boxes used to be extremely expensive, in fact only a few years ago the company Aviva dropped its discount on this type of equipment because it was simply too expensive to make it cost effective. In recent years however the technology has improved and is now significantly cheaper than the earlier prototypes.


Car insurance companies are once again starting to offer discounts to drivers who have spy boxes equipped. The devices allows the insurance companies to be given real time information on your driving habits including your acceleration and braking habits, your cornering and average speed with a GPS which is similar to those used in satnavs.

There are currently six car insurance companies in the United Kingdom who are implementing such a discount scheme. Another element that the insurance companies take into account is when you choose to drive. The spy box will tell the car insurance companies when you drive, the cheapest time to drive is off-peak hours and the most expensive is rush hour or late at night as that is when the most accidents occur.

With the rising price of petrol and car insurance premiums spy boxes can help sensible drivers significantly decrease their car insurance premiums. The devices are only the size of a cigarette packet and attached to the engine under the bonnet of your vehicle.