How to Save on Car Insurance

With the price of fuel skyrocketing again due to the unrest in North Africa and the Mideast and car insurance companies increasingly increasing their prices British motorists need to use some cunning when they choose there are insurance. Here are 4 great ways to save some cash by getting discounts on your premiums.



  • Comparative Shop: the best way to save money on car insurance is to use online websites to find the best deal. The internet is a powerful tool which you can use to compare and contrast different car insurance companies and find the best offer to fit your budget and individual circumstances. Look at as many car insurance companies as possible and make sure to get quotes. Also don’t just look at price, have a look at the discounts which you may be eligible for as well!
  • Increase your Deductible and Increase your Coverage: people still end up wasting money trying to keep their deductibles as low as possible. If you are a careful and sensible driver then chances are you won’t be in an accident and even if you are, the deductible isn’t going to break your bank. A much better strategy is to raise your deductible and maybe even use that saving to increase your total coverage. If you are in a major accident, even if it isn’t your fault, you may be thankful for the extra coverage for paying off legal bills.
  • Pay Attention to Groups: every vehicle in Britain falls into a specific group or band which will determine the price of your car insurance. The elements which determine which band your vehicle will far under are quite specific and not what you might expect. For example, the same type of car can fall under different bands depending on the colour, trim or safety features installed. Therefore when you are buying a vehicle do your research and figure out not only what model but what features are going to put you into a cheaper band and save you money on your insurance premiums.
  • Safety Devices: many car insurance companies will reduce your premiums by including safety advices which can be as simple as a club which can be bought for ten pounds and prevent your vehicle being stolen. New technology such as spy boxes can also significantly reduce your premiums by allowing the insurance company to see your driving habits.