Insurance for new Drivers

Passing your drivers examination is a major milestone in your life. However once you


get your license it can come as a nasty surprise to find out how much your insurance is going to cost you. Unfortunately, all that time perfecting three point turns, parallel parking and defensive driving means nothing to the insurance companies who are going to charge you top rates for being a new driver. Insurance for new drivers can be expensive! Fortunately there are some ways to minimize your premiums if you are careful. Here are five tips which will help you to save money on your first insurance:

  1. Type of Vehicle: the type of vehicle you own will make a massive difference on how much car insurance you pay. The most expensive models tend to be high performance sports cars and SUV’s and the cheapest are midrange, used vehicles.

  2. Type of Driver: insurance for new drivers can be expensive but if you drive the family car and you are not going to use your car all the time then you can save a lot of money by being registered as an “occasional driver”. You can also save your family money by registering multiple vehicles with one insurance provider.
  3. Grades: there are now a number of car insurance companies which will give insurance for new drivers who achieve a certain academic standard such as a GPA of three or higher. Academic achievement is a great way to save yourself money on your insurance!
  4. Vehicle Security: many insurance companies will offer you premiums for taking simple security steps such as investing in an air bag or a club to prevent your card being stolen. A simple purchase to keep your vehicle safe can save you a lot of money on your insurance!
  5. No Modifications: insurance companies disapprove of modifications because they not only make your vehicle more expensive to repair in an accident but make it more appealing to thieves to steal. You can keep you insurance premiums low by keeping your car in its original state and not upgrading it for a few years.

Insurance for new drivers is always expensive but by following these simple texts and shopping around on the internet can help you to minimize your costs. Comparative shopping could not be easier now so have a look online and see what premiums and discounts for young people that the car insurance companies are offering.