Car Insurance Guide

The first thing to note is that over 100 insurance companies offer motor car insurance in England, Scotland and Wales and each companies' policy wording can be different - so always take advice and, if in doubt, make sure you ask!

This is meant as a general guide and is by no means a definitive, legal guide - so please ensure that you use it for information only. We will briefly cover the following questions:

- What is 'Third Party Only' Car Insurance Cover?
- What is 'Third Party Fire & Theft' Car Insurance Cover?
- What is 'Comprehensive' Car Insurance Cover?
- What type of car insurance cover is best for you?
- Why do costs of motor insurance cover vary so much?
- Any other things I should be aware of when choosing my motor insurance?

There are three main types of motor insurance policy, namely:

Third Party Only (often referred to by the initials,TPO)
Third Party Fire & Theft (often referred to by the initials,TPF&T)
Comprehensive (often referred to as Fully Comp.)