Types of Car Insurance

What is 'Third Party Only' Car Insurance Cover?
This covers the policyholder against damage to a third party's property or to the third party themselves.

In other words, if you run into another car and cause damage to that car and injure the occupant(s) of that car, a Third Party Only policy will pay for the repair to that other vehicle, and will pay for any medical claims or injuries suffered by the occupant(s) of that other car and any passengers in your car other than you. A Third Party Only policy will not pay for the costs of repairing your own vehicle nor will it pay anything toward your medical expenses if you are injured.

In addition, if your vehicle is stolen or sets on fire, a Third Party Only policy will not make any payment toward the theft or repair of the vehicle.

What is 'Third Party Fire & Theft' Car Insurance Cover?
This is exactly the same as the Third Party Only policy, set out above, however a Third Party Fire and Theft policy will pay out in the event that your vehicle is stolen or sets on fire.

What is 'Comprehensive' Car Insurance Cover?
A comprehensive (normally known as a "fully comprehensive") policy will pay-out for third party damages and injuries, will pay-out in the event of your vehicle being stolen or set on fire, and will also pay for any damage to your own vehicle (regardless of whose fault the accident was).

Editors Note: Car Insurance quotes for Third Party and Fully Comprehensive insurnace can vary wildly for male and female drivers. You should seek out specialist lenders for young and female insurance companies when you do your initial insurance quote research.