Wedding Car Insurance

Having a luxurious vehicle to transport the bride, the groom or a fleet to transport


their families to and from the ceremony and reception is an essential part of any modern wedding. However with so many things to plan and organize on your special day you will want to make sure that you have wedding car insurance so that you have peace of mind in order to concentrate on the more important things.

Here are a few tips which can help you to choose the right wedding car insurance, whether you go with a classic vehicle like a Rolls Royce, Daimler or a Bentley or a high performance sports car like a Ferrari, Porsche or Aston Martin. No matter how fantastic the automobiles that you choose are, there is unfortunately always the chance that a catastrophe could happen – from an inopportune break down to a crash – so you want to make sure that such expensive cars are covered for any of these unfortunate eventualities.

If you choose to use your some of own cars of course then you will be covered for these by most car insurance companies. However if you decide to hire your wedding vehicles then the most basic package should cost you around £20 at the very minimum. If you want to make sure that you are totally covered in the case of a disaster you should probably look at some of the more expensive packages in order to ensure that your day has no chance of being spoiled.


The best tool at your disposal for finding the wedding car insurance which best suits your budget and circumstances is the internet. With so many car insurance companies to choose from, the world wide web lets you find the best ones effectively through quick comparison and contrasting. In order to find the best deals you want to comparative shop between the different wedding car insurance providers in order to find the best deals for the specific cars you are looking for. Get as many quotes as possible for the make and model of vehicle you would like to hire in order to get the best price.

Because the cost of accidently damaging a luxury car is so great and your wedding day is irreplaceable it is recommended to always spend a little bit extra to make sure that this aspect of your wedding day is insured.